Maia Nikitovich, MSW ∆ Interfaith Spiritual Counselor ∆ Healer & Intuitive

Maia Nikitovich, MSW ∆ Interfaith Spiritual Counselor ∆ Healer & Intuitive


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Maia Nikitovich was born and raised in New York City.  She is an intuitive empath whose life purpose is to use these sensitivities to help others in service of Spirit. What led her to her work in the healing arts was a winding journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. Though naturally born sensitive, the soul-lessons Maia was meant to learn required that she involve herself primarily with her family’s karma and dive deep into the realm of emotions for most of her life before she began working directly and consciously with spiritual energy. 

One of Maia’s greatest gifts is that through these various trials she has gained not only energetic empathy but experiential empathy – she understands the depths of what her clients go through because she has most likely faced something much the same. Through that connection she is able to guide others out of those depths and towards health and happiness. Some of these life experiences include mental illness, chronic pain, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, family trauma, domestic violence, rape, suicide, self-hatred, poverty, dementia, terminal illness, and loss of a parent. There is very little that Maia is uncomfortable with because she knows the light that is found within shadow and sees this light in others.

Maia received an undergraduate degree in Comparative Mysticism with a minor in Psychology from Smith College, a women’s college in the Northeast. Knowing that her path was to serve others, Maia was led soon after into the psychotherapy field, where she earned a Master’s of Social Work with the intention to become a therapist to help children. Maia remains dedicated to this mission, but additionally embraces herself as a spiritual being using spiritual forces to help others. After discovering and experiencing firsthand what is possible with QHHT, she views this particular work as a sacred honor that is inspired and maintained by the Divine. 

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