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We, at, are pleased to introduce you to Maia Nikitovich. She has a fascinating story! We asked her some questions to get to know her better:

On your website you mention becoming involved with Spirit at a young age, could you elaborate on that?

We are all born with a direct connection to the Divine. My own relationship to Spirit became clear to me as I grew older and had experiences that many others did not. For example, when my friends were reading the current best-sellers, I was reading the Buddha’s Dhammapada and the writings of St. Augustine, wishing I could become a nun. People thought I was a bit weird. The experiences I had that clarified my purpose were not grand visions or seeing the dead, like some people have – rather my life was dedicated to and formulated for spiritual growth, both by choice and by circumstance. 

Most important for my spiritual connection was that my maternal grandmother was a Christian - I would describe her as a mystic Christian – and was living her life based on the philosophy of the Bible and the Edgar Cayce Readings. My grandmother’s devotion and faith brought Christ into my life at a young age and it also brought Edgar Cayce into my life – his work and legacy continue to be the foundation for my soul’s work in the world. 

To see my life in a timeline…at 8 years old my grandmother brought me to the Edgar Cayce summer camp run by the A.R.E and every summer after I was surrounded by others living a spiritual, high vibrational lifestyle seeped in New Age wisdom. By age 11 I was organizing my friends in meditation and chanting, and by age 13 I had a palmistry stand on the streets of New York like some children have lemonade stands. I remember once chanting “AUM” with my friend at that age and having a feeling akin to a Kundalini awakening, as if the vibrations of the universe were taking me over. By age 16 I was studying Buddhism and experienced my first Vipassana retreat. At 17 I accepted Christ into my heart and mind and became a Christian. By age 19 I had declared a Religion major and became obsessed with comparative religion, theology, and mysticism. At 20 I took a Bodhisattva vow in India with my teacher Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche (this is a vow to continuously return to earth out of compassion to help every living being attain enlightenment – my Bodhisattva name is ChangChub Chodron, which in Tibetan means “Dharma Lamp of Enlightenment,” or “Enlightened Light.”) Then came my twenties – the cusp of my Saturn Return, and years of crises and loss. I finally dedicated myself to taking responsibility for my life and my own healing, and when I did so I understood my gifts of intuition and empathy for what they were –no longer burdens of instability, instead they became tools to bring forth earth’s ascension and the enlightenment of every being.

Was there a particular event that led you to become a healer?

There has not been any one event. I was born a healer because it is who I am. It is the energy of my soul, and the energy of existence which I express. I did have to realize, however, that this sort of work was my life’s mission consciously and so I realized that I was a healer when I put the pieces together: I was extremely sensitive to other people’s emotions and needs, oftentimes putting them above my own. I usually knew what people were feeling and thinking in some form. I was a listener and extremely patient. People had the tendency to divulge their life stories to me once we got to talking, and then not know why they shared all that information. 

An old babysitter of mine, who is like my big sister today, loves to tell the story that at age 5 I was offering her profound relationship advice. This is what I came into the world to do and so it’s a lot like breathing for me. It’s just what happens. It’s the way I think and what I enjoy doing most. You can’t teach a fish to be a fish, or a rose to be a rose – they express themselves exactly as they are.

Are there any interesting events or moments that preceded (or happened any time during) your journey that you feel are relevant to your journey/practice? 

I got fired! From a job I didn’t enjoy but that I thought I needed to do in order to “succeed,” “fit in,” and “build my resume.” That was an eye-opener! It forced me to ask myself, “what is it that I really enjoy? Who exactly am I?” I decided to embrace the fact that I was a new-age sensitive “weirdo” who loved Dolores Cannon and Edgar Cayce and the mysteries of the universe and being a therapist– so what more natural thing could I do than take the QHHT Practitioner training course? So that’s how it began. Before that, I was living a split life. I would be a social worker by day in the mainstream and rarely share with others my interest in spirituality, but in my free time the spiritual world was practically the only thing I cared about. I just decided to combine the two parts of myself as best as I could, and I feel much happier embracing all of me.

You mentioned on your site that your degrees in Comparative Mysticism and Social Work have been invaluable experiences, is there anything in particular you'd like to share about how your education influences your healing/spiritual work?

Both forms of education have made this work easier and more comfortable for me, a bit like they were preparation for what was to come. My background in mysticism expands my love and devotion to God, which makes this kind of work a pleasure as well as a personal spiritual practice to achieve an even closer relationship to Source and to remind others of their own connection. I can also fathom “convoluted universe” principles and concepts quite easily from having read many scriptural writings on the nature of reality. 

From my background as a clinical social worker, I am able to sit and listen in such a way that people begin to feel comfortable and open up. I am highly attuned to my clients and ask questions that help make connections and guide them towards a greater understanding of themselves. When a client is willing to be open with the practitioner in front of them and trust that they understand what they need, that is the first step towards trusting and believing in the process of QHHT. After that our soul-minds do the rest.

Can you describe who, or what, has been most influential to your spiritual journey?

I would first say that my grandmother and Edgar Cayce’s legacy were the most influential to me on my path. My grandmother was the light that led me towards the truth. Edgar Cayce shared that truth with me, a truth that I became determined to live and express. Furthermore, through the community of his organization (the Association for Research and Enlightenment) I experienced pure unconditional love for the first time. This was very important for me, because the other thing that has been influential on my path was the complex emotional pain that I had to suffer even as a young child due to my karma and my family’s karma. Sometimes we have to experience a spiritual love away from that kind of karmic entanglement to understand love for what it is and can be. 

There are many more influences in my life, but the last one I will share is that when I studied abroad in India I met one of my spiritual teachers, whose name was James Clifton. He was a man from the United States who fell in love with God through the Baha’i faith and the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. He spent his life worshipping Krishna in India as a sadhu, a wandering holy man deeply in love. Through his wisdom I developed an actual understanding of what Oneness means. James also opened my heart and mind so that I began to have a loving, personal, and direct relationship with God. Before that I did not feel like I had a stable connection to God - it was more of an idea that I could think of but not truly grasp or devote myself to. James changed all that and I wouldn’t be where I am today without that foundation. Thank you, God!

Has your previous career as a Social Worker had an influence on your practice now?

When I worked as a clinical social worker, I worked with all kinds of people – children, youth, families, adults, and elders of various nationalities, cultures, class, religions, and race – in many different settings, from inpatient settings and crisis work, to residential long-term care, to short term work in schools. Through my training I gained the skills to work one on one with people who could be quite different from me in various levels of need. It also helped me understand the nature of our mind and the cycles we can experience due to unprocessed emotions and beliefs.  Most importantly, it reinforced the sacredness of a loving connection with another person, especially one who is there to listen, witness, and care.

How has your practice changed since you started?

At first, I was only offering QHHT sessions. Due to the energy involved with each session (and the three sessions I had myself as a client) I felt like I was evolving into a whole new vibration. It became easier for me to discern clairaudient and claircognitive messages in my mind. On a whim, I tried to connect with a friend’s higher self as an exercise to see if I could use these abilities to help others at a distance. She was shocked at how accurate I was, even calling it “scary.” Realizing that I was receiving messages that were helpful to others, I embraced my gifts further with the understanding that all is merely spiritual frequency. I received my Reiki attunements (I and II) to practice energy healing in person and at a distance. I began offering readings for more people, and continued to get positive feedback. 

Today I use my claircognitive gifts and other natural abilities to provide QHHT, Energy Healing, and Intuitive Readings through channeling my clients’ Higher Selves, connecting to the Akashic Records, and reading Tarot. My practice may soon develop even more, as I am studying to become a spiritual teacher of Microchakra Psychology, Sound Healing, and Facial InnerTuning through The Chakra Institute in New York. I love to sing, chant and use my voice in any way to help others, as well as my hands. I am interested in workshops and lectures in the future. Herbs and massage therapy are also calling to me.

You mention on your site that you use a combination of techniques to help clients, could you elaborate on why you have found this to be helpful?

A combination of techniques is always helpful because humans are complex, variable creatures. One day your mind needs some love. Another day it’s your body that holds the key. One day you feel open and ready to dive deep into vulnerable territory, and the next you feel the need to keep a bit more distance. Mind, Body, and Spirit are one; when you treat one, you treat another, and a combination of techniques allows the opportunity for one aspect of ourselves to get the attention it may need for the whole of us to be happy. This is the essence of holistic practice.

Is there anything else you'd like us or future clients to know about you and your practice?

I am so pleased to be doing this work! It is never a burden – it is always an honor and a joy, so please reach out if you are interested in working with me in any way. I never turn anyone away for lack of funds and can reach some kind of deal for an exchange or lower cost if need be. I have a special place in my heart for children who are on the earth at this time, and so I offer 50% discounts to single parents or to parents whose children are emotionally or physically ill and who are using QHHT as a method to bring healing into their lives. I also seem to express the kind of energy where I can help artistic and creative people in their path and chosen field, as well as the kind of energy that allows for departed loved ones to make contact during sessions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! Thank you so much!

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