I am a QHHT practitioner offering Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, which is a profound experience of guided imagery, hypnosis, and emotional release.  I also facilitate healing using hands-on energy work to clear, balance, and attune on a physical, mental, emotional, and soul level.  Finally, I provide guidance and support through spiritual counseling.  

S U B T L E   H O N E Y

The name Subtle Honey, and its mission, is based on the Madhu Vidya Upanishad, which reminds us of our sacred connectivity and co-creative relationship with all things. "This earth is the honey of all beings, and all beings are the honey of this earth," says the Madhu Vidya. We create our reality, just as our reality creates us, in a cosmic eternity of sweetness through communal soul effort and renewal. Though it may not always appear so, it is a blessing to be alive - for life is truly sweet.

My mission is to help others remember and reconnect with the infinite love inherent within themselves, their divine source, which is the sweetest honey of all. By doing so we can regenerate and re-inspire the soul.

Ten percent of all profits are donated as charity.

No one is turned away for lack of funds.